Sinead O’Flynn Health 4 U


Health 4 U provides Diagnostic Health Screenings & Nutritional Therapy with
Sinéad O’Flynn. Sinéad trained as a nurse over 20 years ago and has worked in
Ireland, the UK and Australia & has a number of Nursing Qualifications. Working in
specialised roles in Gastrointestinal Disorders, Autoimmune Conditions,
Cardiovascular Risk Reduction and Research led to Sinéad’s passion with health
promotion, prevention and nutrition. Incorporating her current expertise, Sinéad
wanted to support people from a more holistic view and so she decided to study
Naturopathic Nutrition. Sinéad is also an avid writer for nursing journals, a peer
reviewer and on the editorial board for nursing journals.

Diagnostic Health Screening
Corks 1st Point of Care Testing (PCOT) is now available at Health 4 U, providing
diagnostic screening for Cardiovascular & Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Anaemia &
Inflammatory Markers.
POCT diagnostics is highly accurate, finger-tip testing, results are Rapid and you will
be given Nutritional & Lifestyle advice tailored to your results.
-Cardiovascular – Full Lipid Profile – TC, LDL, HDL, Trigs, Non-HDL,
-Chol/HDL ratio
-Diabetes – HbA1C
-Inflammatory Markers – CRP
-Anaemia – Hb
-Kidney Disease – ACR extremely important tool to screen for kidney disease
in those with diabetes.

Nutritional Therapy
Consultations encompass nutritional science with the promotion of optimum health.
Assessments are detailed allowing Sinéad to create an individualized nutritional &
lifestyle plan including therapeutic diets, functional foods, lifestyle interventions &
practitioner grade supplements.
All age groups are welcome.
Nutritional Therapy balance & supports;
Digestive Health, Hormonal Balance, Cardiovascular Health, Autoimmune
Conditions, Skin Issues, Respiratory, Nervous System, Mental Health, General
Wellbeing, Weight Problems

Functional Tests
-Food Intolerance Testing
Nutrigenomics DNA Testing (Methylation, Histamine Intolerance, Oestrogen
Balance, Detoxification, Nervous System Apolipoprotein, Thyroid Balance,
Athlete, Nutrient Core) 

Corporate Packages
Health 4 U can tailored Diagnostic Health Screening / Nutritional Therapy
Consultations for your employees.

Opening Times
From September 2021 opening times are:
•Monday mornings
•Tuesday 8-5pm
•Wednesday mornings
•Weekends 10am-2pm