Mindbodied – Nutrition, Kinesiology, Neurofeedback

About Mindbodied

With over 15 years of combined experience, Alison Kingston and Michael Mulcahy have joined forces to bring you the most comprehensive packages for all of your health, wellbeing, and performance. Whether you are a health seeker or a high-performer, Mindbodied has the perfect
package for all your needs.

What we offer
We offer a combination of Nutritional Therapy, Kinesiology with advanced state of the art wellness technology to improve our client’s Sleep, Reduce Stress, manage Anxiety, feel more energised, and overcome frustrating health challenges.
● Kinesiology
● NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Brain Training Wellness Technology
● Body Energy System Scanning Wellness Technology
● Nutritional Therapy

Available in Glanmire Therapy Centre Monday to Friday and some Saturdays

What is Neurofeedback Brain Training?